How to Make Money Fast Wholesaling Cheap Government Homes

SoldHouse-300x199I’ll be hosting a free live training with my real estate investing mentor, Mark Jackson (MJ) of on “How to Make Money Fast Wholesaling Cheap Government Homes,” Wednesday September 27 at 8:30pm Eastern Time!

If your real estate deals are falling apart because:

* You don’t have all the funding
* You can’t find good deals to start with
* You don’t know where to start, never the less how to finish,

This is a training that will help!

I’m hosting a special free webinar training with my good friend and mentor, Mark Jackson. ‘MJ’ will give an EXTREME live training showing exactly how to do deals using real life examples….

You’ll see REAL deals that will show you how he works everyday…and how he makes tons of PROFIT. This FREE training will show you the main website he and his students use to find deals that are way under market price – this is an unheard of inside look at real estate investing!

Here’s what you will learn in this training:

* How he and his students find deals

* How important it is to get the proper valuation of a deal

* How to get the deal accepted

* How find the buyer

* How to BUY with out using your own money

Many investors spend their entire career hoping for this detailed information and never get it. They end up “hit and missing” at their deals. But, who wants to miss? It’s hit it OR quit it to me! That’s why I hosted this EXTREEM training with Mark Jackson.

In this training MJ will show you real life examples of how he does deals everyday and… doesn’t use his own money! You can do it too.

You can register for this complimentary training at:

Join MJ and myself on Wednesday September 27, 2017 at 8:30pm Eastern Time / 5:30pm Pacific, to find out how you can take advantage of the special offer to make your money back on his one of kind HUD Deal Training. I’ve used this training to do my last few deals, so I know it works!
Better Than Tax Deeds!

I think you’ll find that this properties are even better than tax deeds. Why? Because with tax deed properties you need to pay all cash, usually on the day of the tax sale, you have to bid at a live auction, and you don’t get to inspect the property before hand. With these properties, not only do you get to inspect them, but you get a property report with disclosure, bidding is done privately, and you have a few days to get your money together for the deal. Sometimes these deals can even be financed. All you have to come up with is $500-$1000 earnest money in order to get the deal done. Plus unlike with tax deed properties you get a clear marketable title to these government homes!
Find out more on Wednesday Night

Register Here to get all the details about how you can make money fast wholesaling cheap government homes!

Encouraging You To Profit!


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Our Next Wealth Building Webinar is Wednesday!

Meet Charles Sells of The PIP Group!

PIPGroupLogo-1024x476Our next Wealth Building Webinar is Wednesday September 6th, with my friend and tax lien investing agent Charles Sells. I’ve known Charles for about 10 years and he’s been involved with tax liens longer than I have. Join me on our next Wealth Building Webinar on September 6 at 8:30pm Eastern Time. Here is the registration link to attend the live webinar “What You Need To Know About Illinois Tax Sales”…

Here’s some information about what we’ll be covering in this webinar:

In our next Wealth Building Webinar, Charles Sells, founder of The PIP Group, will be talking about Illinois tax lien sales. He’ll be explaining why Illinois is the most profitable state for buying tax liens and give recent real life examples of how it works. He’ll show you why passive investing in Illinois is one of the most profitable ways to invest in tax liens and let you know how you can have PIP Group invest for you.

If you’ve been wanting to invest in tax liens but you don’t have the time to do the work yourself and you’re looking for a passive investment, you need to be in on this training! Register Now Here!

The Webinar is free for all to attend live, bt the recording will only be made available to members of the Wealth Building Webinar series. You can find out more about Wealth Building Webinars at

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Free Webinar on Alternative, High Yielding Investment You Can Do From Home

xsheadshotIn the last few years investing in tax lien certificates has become very popular for quite a few reasons. You don’t need huge amounts of money to invest, you don’t need to have good credit, or be an accredited investor, or go through a broker. When investing in tax liens, you can get high single digit and double digit returns on your money without the risk of the stock market and without having to do any negotiating. You also don’t have to deal with tenants, toilets, or termites. The difficulty in investing in real estate secured tax liens, however, is that not all states sell them. And most of the states that do, have live auctions where you have to show up in person in order to bid. There are some states, however, that have online auctions, that allow you to invest in this high yielding asset from the comfort of home.

“If you want to learn how to buy tax liens online, find out what states have online tax lien sales and which of these sales are coming up now. And more importantly, how you can participate in them? Then you’ll want to register now for our next ‘Buying Tax Liens Online Now’ free webinar,” asserts Joanne Musa, founder of

This webinar will take place on Wednesday, August 30 at 8:30 pm EDT/5:30 pm Pacific. Interested parties can get more information and register for the webinar at:

“In this webinar I’ll be giving my 5 step formula for buying profitable tax liens or redeemable tax deeds. I’ll also go over 4 things everyone needs to know before investing in tax lien certificates or redeemable tax deeds.” adds Ms. Musa.

This special webinar training will be recorded and the recording made available to everyone who registers for the training. The live training is on Wednesday, August 30 at 8:30 pm EDT. More information and registration is available online at

Joanne Musa can be reaching at

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Free Webinar: How To Get Your Retirement Account To Work Harder

resure_logo_large_300dpi (Custom)Joanne Musa, CEO of is hosting a special webinar with Bernard Reisz on Wednesday, August 2 at 8:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time. The topic of this training is; “How to Get Your Retirement Account to Work Harder For You.”
Bernard, principal of ReSure LLC, focuses on empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to take control of their finances. That each of us is entitled to financial self-determination based on objective guidance is a core value of ReSure. ReSure can get you direct control of tax-advantaged retirement funds to invest in assets of your choice. ReSure can implement a range of financial strategies for clients, but for those that choose to get control of their money, ReSure provides the expertise to proceed successfully. Possessing credentials and licenses in many areas of finance, ReSure delivers comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Here’s what Mr. Reisz will be covering in this training:

• The Investment Management Industry and its Impact on You

• Investment Strategy: What You’re Being Sold and Not Being Told

• How Taxes Affect Your Wealth and ROI

• Beat the Taxman With Tax Advantaged Investment Vehicles

• How to Get Direct Control of Your Money to Beat the Market, Wall Street, and
Tax Collectors

All are invited to register and attend the live call for free, here is the registration link for the live webinar:
This training is the 3rd in the Wealth Building Webinar series. The Webinar is free for all to attend live, but the recording will only be made available to members of the Wealth Building Webinar series. You can find out more about Wealth Building Webinars at and find out how you can have access to all of the Wealth Building Webinar recordings for less than the price of a cup a coffee a day.

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Free Webinar in the Wealth Building Webinar Series

Rebecca RiceThis webinar, entitled, “Achieving Financial Security and Independence through the Private Reserve Strategy” will be held on Wednesday, July 5 at 8:30pm eastern daylight time. Here is more information about this free webinar……

Join Joanne Musa, The Tax Lien Lady, and her guest, Rebecca Rice, one of the foremost and most prominent experts in the nation on the private reserve strategy and the infinite banking concept, as she teaches you a very unique and powerful way, that Wall Street and banks wish you never find out, to help you:

– Consolidate and eliminate debt and recapture hundreds of thousands of interest payments you normally pay banks

– Recapture unnecessary wealth transfers in five major areas: taxes, mortgages, qualified plans, college funding, and major purchases such as cars, wedding and vacation

– Recapture your children’s college expenses, after you have spent them

– Safe and guaranteed way to generate tax free retirement income, and potentially eliminate income taxes during retirement

– Guarantee your investment principal and returns – this strategy has generated tax free investment returns for clients for over 150 years, each and every year, non-stop

– Potentially increase your family net worth by $500,000 or more, without the risk of stocks and bonds

Here is the registration link for the free live webinar: To see the replay you need to become a member of the Wealth Building Webinar series. Here is the link to become a member:

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